We're full of Christmas spirit here at Jumper 1234 HQ. To get in the Christmas mood, we've created a little festive fun. Here are some of our favourite festive activities, Christmas Day bloopers, merry moments and a carol or two! So, here are the teams' top tinsel moments...

Favourite Carol / Christmas song:

Denise: Dominic the Donkey - will having you laugh all day long!

Jane: Every year just before Christmas the same friends gather at my house to sing carols badly to an out of tune piano, I think my favourite has to be Come All Ye Faithful followed by our caterwauling rendition of Fairytale of New York.

Chris: To this day I still haven’t had enough of Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You, absolute classic. 

Matthew: Mele Kalikimaka” by Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters if you’ve watched “The Griswolds Family Christmas” you will know it for sure!

Darcie: Last christmas - Wham!

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Tree decorations: 

Denise: Absolute explosion of baubles. I collect unusual ones. And every year buy something new. I can always remember who bought one for me or where it was from. I have so many now they can’t all fit on an 8ft tree.

Jane: Totally not tonal, a real mish mash, best decoration has to be baubles with letters that spell out a rude word when placed carefully.

Chris: Usually colourful but depends on who’s tree it is that year, we take turns.  Best decoration:  my Limited Edition Festive Barbie of course.

Matthew: Aesthetically coordinating with my parents chosen rug in the living room but a combination of old, handmade and new.

Darcie: Blindingly colourful, the brighter the better and all the glitter!

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Christmas food - love it or hate it?!

Denise: My worst food of the year. Apart from pepper pot, my mum is from Guyana and it’s something she made every Christmas. The tradition has been passed down to me. 

Jane: Love it, but I cheat and buy ready-made red cabbage, bread sauce and a turkey crown!

Chris: Love it. Though the turkey cannot be overcooked and dry, yuck.

Matthew: My Nan makes the best roast it’s not up for debate! I want all the pigs in blankets swimming in gravy in a Yorkshire pudding please!

Darcie: Love it, when someone else is cooking!

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Are you a Christmas Grinch or full-on Santa?

Denise: Santa on the run up and putting up the tree, but boxing day I want it all gone. We don’t start Christmas until after my youngest daughter’s birthday which is December 15th.

Jane: I love Christmas, but every year I curse how many presents I’ve bought when I have to wrap them all!

Chris: Christmas doesn’t so much come to our flat as EXPLODES all over it.  Definitely full on Santa.

Matthew: Whilst working in retail I was a grinch but now I can listen to legitimate Christmas songs at work, I'm converted to a Santa.

Darcie: Full on Santa but only the week of Christmas! Hate it when Christmas starts in November.

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Is Christmas Day a PJ day or full on glam? 

Denise: Neither - I don’t own any PJs and don’t do glam. Something black as usual.

Jane: I start the day off watching the serpentine swimmers, and every year I swear I’ll be in with them the next, therefore I’m wrapped up warm (in jumpers obviously) and can’t face getting changed. So, definitely not glam.

Chris: PJs in the morning for opening presents and glam for Christmas dinner.

Matthew: 50/50 split, the morning is spent in comfies but then everyone gets dressed up and heads over to Nan's for presents and Christmas dinner.

Darcie: Pjs all the way.

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Bloopers - Funny Christmas stories

Denise: One year the turkey was hanging in the shed as the fridge was full. Late Christmas eve a fox managed to have a chew on it. I had to defrost a chicken breast and stitch it on. I won’t say who got that bit!

Jane: One year I cooked a duck on Christmas eve, left the giblets in the plastic bag inside, and was mortified. Then I did exactly the same thing with the turkey the next day! DOH!

Chris: This is a just-after-Christmas story.  We were walking down the street and some people were walking a very realistic life-sized cardboard cut-out of Cher – circa Turn Back Time catsuit - to the bins. They had poked little lights through the catsuit and had used her as a ‘tree’ (which I thought was genius) so we obviously had to rescue her! Got some interesting looks on the bus home with Cher standing beside us.

Matthew: The one year my uncle came to Christmas he spilt a bottle of buck’s fizz over the roast and hasn’t been to a family Christmas since. By choice? I’m not sure.

Darcie: When my sister was little, we wrapped her up in a box as a present, which she then jumped out of and terrified my gran!

Gwen Tredinnick