Stay Cool and Stylish This Summer with Jumper 1234's Brand New Merino Wool and Alpaca Blend Jumpers and Cardigans

As the temperature rises and the days get longer, it's time to update your wardrobe with the perfect summer essentials. Look no further than Jumper 1234's latest collection featuring our brand new innovative merino wool and alpaca blend jumpers and cardigans. Crafted with care and designed for comfort, these garments offer a delightful combination of softness, lightness, and diaphanous qualities that make them ideal for the warmer months.

We are proud to introduce our brand new blend of extraordinary fibres. Crafted using a combination of the finest materials, consisting of 20% Extrafine Merino, 15% Royal Alpaca, 30% Tencel, and 35% Polyamide. Creating a truly exceptional fabric that will elevate your wardrobe to new heights.

 New collextion from jumper 1234 merino and alpaca blended wool in three styles, stripy crew, black lace knit vee cardigan and balloon sleeve crew in turquoise.

Delightfully Diaphanous New Merino Wool & Alpaca Blend

Let's delve into the incredible qualities of each fibre in this luxurious blend:

  1. Extrafine Merino: Renowned for its incredible softness and breathability, Extrafine Merino wool adds a touch of luxury. This fine wool comes from Merino sheep and is celebrated for its exceptional fineness, making it gentle and comfortable against the skin. It's lightweight and breathable.

  2. Royal Alpaca: Known as the fibre of the gods, Royal Alpaca is one of the rarest and most sought-after natural fibres in the world. With its exceptional softness, Royal Alpaca brings an unrivaled level of comfort to our blend. 

  3. Tencel: Derived from sustainably harvested wood pulp, Tencel is a natural fibre known for its eco-friendly properties. Smooth and silky in texture, Tencel is highly breathable, moisture-wicking, and resistant to wrinkles, making it ideal for keeping you cool and comfortable in the summer months.

  4. Polyamide: Adding durability and structure to the blend, Polyamide is a synthetic fibre known for its strength and resilience. It enhances the longevity of the garments, ensuring they withstand the test of time while maintaining their shape and structure. The inclusion of Polyamide also enhances the fabric's elasticity, providing a comfortable and flattering fit.

With our innovative blend of Extrafine Merino, Royal Alpaca, Tencel, and Polyamide, we have created a fabric that combines the best qualities of each fibre. The blend's unique composition offers excellent temperature regulation, ensuring comfort in both warm and cool climates.

The New Collection

Lace Knit Vee Jumper in three colours Black, Blue, Pink

Lace Knit Vee Neck

The first standout design in this collection is the Lace Knit V-Neck available in both a cardigan and jumper styles. Wonderfully soft and, best of all, not in any way itchy! Its super light construction makes it a perfect choice for the summer season. Whether you're going for an elegant black, a vibrant blue, a delicate pale pink, or a classic cream, our new lace knit vee neck is sure to become a staple in your wardrobe. With its boyfriend fit, it offers a relaxed yet elevated look.

Lace Knit Ve Cardigan in pink, cream and navy

Mega Balloon Sleeve Crew

Next up is the merino and alpaca blend Balloon Sleeve Crew Neck Jumper. This stylish piece features pleat details on the shoulders and extravagant balloon sleeves, for an eye-catching look. The lightweight construction makes it perfect for those breezy summer evenings. Available in black, bright green, candy, navy, and turquoise.

Mega balloon sleeve merino and alpaca wool blend jumper by Jumper 1234 in Pink, Black and Turquoise

Striped Crew

Our Striped Crew Neck jumper is another delightful addition to our collection. Featuring bold colourful stripes, we were so enamoured with all the colourways that we couldn't pick just one, so we got them all! 

Striped crew merino wool and alpaca blend jumper in three colourways

Puff Sleeve Cardigan

Last but not least, the merino and alpaca Puff Sleeve Crew Neck Cardigan offers a touch of femininity with slightly puffed sleeves. This cardigan, like the others in the collection, boasts the same new blend that guarantees exceptional softness and comfort. With its super light and airy feel, it's the perfect companion for summer adventures. Choose from an array of colours black, turquoise, bright green, candy, and navy. This cardigan is true to size and destined to become one of your favourites.

Puff sleeve cardigan in merino wool and alpaca blend three colours

Our merino wool and alpaca blend jumpers and cardigans have truly raised the bar for summer fashion. The blend of these natural fibres ensures a luxurious feel, while the lightness and diaphanous nature of the fabric make them a dream to wear in warmer weather. Say goodbye to the discomfort of itchy materials and hello to a world of softness and style.

Elevate your wardrobe with Jumper 1234's latest lightweight merino collection. Embrace the beauty of our new diaphanous blend and make a statement wherever you go.

Caring for your merino and alpaca blend clothing

When it comes to premium quality garments like these, it's essential to give them the care they deserve to ensure their longevity and continued softness. To keep your merino and alpaca blend jumpers and cardigans looking and feeling their best, follow these care instructions:

  1. Hand wash with care around 30°C. Use a mild detergent specifically designed for delicate garments. 

  2. Avoid wringing: Resist the temptation to wring out the garment, as this can stretch and distort the shape. Instead, gently press the excess water out using your hands.

  3. Do not bleach: Bleaching agents can harm the delicate fibres of your jumper or cardigan. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid using any chlorine bleach or harsh chemicals that may compromise the fabric's integrity.

  4. Dry flat: Lay the jumper or cardigan flat, gently reshape it to its original form, paying attention to the neckline, cuffs, and hem. Avoid hanging the garment, as this can cause it to stretch or lose its shape. Allow it to air dry naturally, away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

  5. Cool ironing: If your jumper or cardigan requires ironing, set your iron to a low temperature (cool or wool setting) to prevent damage to the fibres. It's a good idea to place a clean cloth or a pressing cloth between the iron and the garment to avoid direct contact. Lightly press the iron over the fabric, being careful not to apply too much pressure.

Gwen Tredinnick