Moth season is here...

As avid fans of cashmere, we completely understand the obsession with its soft and sumptuous fibres. But as it turns out we’re not the only lovers of cashmere… it’s also a firm favourite of moths. These little menaces will cause wardrobe mayhem if left unattended.

Spring and summer as the weather warms up are when moths flourish. Proliferating rapidly and laying eggs at an astonishing rate. The time to act is NOW! We’ve put together our top tips on protecting your beloved cashmere clothing from these malevolent marauders.

Preparation is key

Array of cashmere cardigans draped over a rail

Moths thrive in dark, cluttered places, so you need to make your storage spaces as unappealing as possible. This starts with a spring tidy, a declutter and spot check for any signs of moths.

Spring tidy & declutter

Have a really good sort through of wardrobes and draws, perhaps looking for those chunkier winter knits that could be stored away for the spring and summer. By decluttering and keeping neat storage spaces you give these little critters less places to hide and multiply!

Check clothing for signs of moths

As you're taking your beloved cashmere clothing out of the closet during your spring tidy, be mindful of checking each piece for signs you may already have a moth problem.

The most obvious sign is finding moths, dead or alive. Should you find you have moths already, you need to take immediate action. Other tell tale signs moths may have been munching on your favourite cashmere jumper are little tiny holes, peppered together, often in a small area similar to the size of a 50 pence piece.

Freezing your clothes for 48 hours will kill amy moth larve and eggs, so wrap up any affected garments and blast them in the freezer for 2 days. Then take them out and wash them thoroughly

Clean is a moths kryptonite 

swirled striped cashmere jumpers

Moths love dirt, especially food debris nestled down in those soft, sumptuous cashmere fibres. So the next most important rules is clean everything. Make sure your clothes are freshly washed before being stored back in the cupboard. This is even easier with our cashmere clothing as mostly it's brilliantly machine washable.

It's also advisable to give wardrobes, draws and all your storage space a spring clean, making them as unappealing as possible for these pests. Especially if you found evidence of moths when you were tidying and inspecting your clothes. Make sure you hoover up any eggs in the process, so they don't return.

The best moth proof storage

neatly folded cashmere jumpers

For any clothes you're not planning on wearing over the spring and summer months, using airtight containers is the most foolproof method to prevent moths getting to them.

However, with lighter cashmere knits that are perfect for the warmer months, you need to take extra precautions. There are an array of natural moth repellents you can use. Sprays or mists, scent bags, and even special moth repellent washing detergent. These all help to create that less appealing environment that moths will avoid.

Also shine a light on it! Moths love dark, stuffy environments, so fling those closet doors open every now and then, letting the light flood in. Light, ventilated spaces are a no go for moths.

Spot checking your beloved cashmere garments every few weeks is also a great way to catch a moth problem, before it becomes mothageddon.

Repairing moth eaten clothing 

Decoratively darned jumpers

Don't be too disheartened if your favourite jumper or cardigan has been munched on. The first step is to make sure you keep any damaged pieces away from the rest of your clean, unaffected clothing. Once separated, follow the steps above by freezing and washing the affected items.

Then you can turn your attention to repairs, its super important to mend your garments as soon as you can. A small moth hole can become worse over time. So show those pieces some TLC, they are after all your favourites for a reason!

Then it's time to get creative, for smaller holes you can invisibly mend them from the inside. For more drastic fixes consider visible mending or a stunning darning technique, to turn a mistake into a unique feature, allowing you to love your Jumper 1234 Cashmere that little bit longer.

Gwen Tredinnick