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Jumper1234 x Tessa The Dresser

Visible Mending Service


Visible Mending Service

As our ongoing mission to keep Jumper 1234 as sustainable as possible we are introducing new ways to help you extend the life of your jumpers.

Stains, moth holes, frays and general wear and tear happen, but we have found a way to celebrate this and help you continue the love affair with your jumpers with our visible mending partner Tessa The Dresser.

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Choose from 5 designs

Tessa The Dresser has created 5 unique visible mending designs for Jumper1234 to get your jumpers back into circulation.

Design 1. Squares
Design 2. Flowers
Design 3. Lion
Design 4. Stars
Design 5. Circle

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Why visible mending?

Quite simply we love life, and visible mending is a way of connecting us to the life of our clothes, and proudly display that we are willing to care and invest in people, resources and our planet.

Is my garment a suitable candidate for visible mending?

Unfortunately, there are limits to the service if a piece has suffered a serious tear or drastic damage your piece may not be suitable for our repair service. If you book a visible mending service and insert a photograph of the damage Tessa The Dresser will be able to advise you on whether the piece is suitable or not for repair.

Do I have to be a Jumper1234 customer to have access to the service?

No! The “Visible mending service” is not only for preexisting Jumper1234 customers, we want everyone to be able to keep things in their wardrobe rotation for as long as possible.

Your cashmere is Made with love and Worn with love and now we can Repair with Love – that’s 50% more love on offer.


Jumper 1234 x Tessa The Dresser personalisation service

Tessa Solomons aka Tessa The Dresser is a craftsperson specialising in hand embroidery and visible mending.

“After studying fashion, I spent over 20 years in the fashion industry as a stylist, producer, editor and consultant. Being a passionate supporter of second hand and vintage clothes since the age of 13 (and my first church jumble sale) the need to care for and repair these items has always been a part of my life.”

“I have many clothes that I have had for decades, and every repair or alteration is a way of personalising that item. When we personalise, we add our mark, it is no longer one of many, it is one of a kind, and we are connected at that point to the journey of that garment.”

“In 2020 I studied Sustainable Business Management at Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership and knew I wanted to work creatively within the circular economy, so I launched Tessa The Dresser, and now offer my bespoke visible mending services for everyone to extend the life of clothes and textiles.”