Jumper 1234’s Loyalty Scheme

Cashmere Credits

I mean what’s better than cashmere… FREE Cashmere!


Cashmere Credits

To say thank you to our beloved customers, Jumper 1234 have launched our Cashmere Credits loyalty scheme.

Sign up for our Cashmere Credits loyalty scheme and not only will you receive 1 Cashmere Credit for every £1 spent*, but you’ll also receive 500 bonus credits when you sign up.

Once you hit 1,000 credits, you’ll receive £100 voucher to spend with us.

Hit 1,500 credits, you’ll receive a £150 voucher to spend with us.

Hit 2,000 credits you’ll receive a £200 voucher to spend with us.

*please note this excludes taxes, shipping and credits are adjusted to accommodate any discount codes used.

Enjoy exclusive rewards as part of our Cashmere Lovers Club.

More reasons to sign up for Cashmere Credits


You receive 1 Cashmere Credit for every £1 spent, once you hit 1,000 credits, you’ll receive £100 voucher to spend with us.


Get the VIP treatment, enjoy exclusive offers, promotions and early access events across the year.


Everyone loves double credits days! Reach your £100 voucher even quicker, with our double Cashmere Credit events.


How do I earn Cashmere Credits?

You will earn 1 Cashmere Credit for every £1 you spend on our website. Remember to sign into your Cashmere Credits account when making a purchase to ensure your loyalty credits are added.

How do I view my cashmere credit balance?

You can view and manage your Cashmere Credits through the widget on the bottom left hand side of the screen.

I made a purchase but cannot see my credits in my account

Cashmere Credits can take up to 72 hours to show in your account.

How do I use the cashmere credits to make a purchase?

Once you have earned £100 worth of credits (1000 Cashmere Credits), go into your account to redeem your voucher. Remember to enter your voucher code at checkout.

What happens if I return an item that I used cashmere credits to purchase?

Where you return an order purchased on the website which you have paid for using Cashmere Credits, the order will be refunded to you in the form of Cashmere Credits that will be assigned to your account.