Sustainable Cashmere Jumper Capsule Collection

Back again for our second collaboration - Jumper 1234 has teamed up with our friends at The Jacksons to produce another amazing collection of hand intarsia, sustainable cashmere jumpers

Sell out collection


Two models wearing Jumper 1234 x The Jacksons cashmere collaboration jumpers "Howdy Cowboy" and "Woohoo"


After the overwhelming success of our last sell out collaboration it would have been rude not to do another! This limited edition cashmere collection features an array of vivid punchy colours along with every day classics.

No matter your style there's something for everybody! Whether you’re loud and expressive when it comes to graphics and colour or prefer to play it safer with classic combos. We guarantee you will LOVE the spectrum of colours and designs. 

What exactly are the slogans that’ll be on offer?

The Jacksons are best known for their "word bags" and their catchy slogans. With this new collaboration we've captured the fun, quirky style of their word bags in our 100% cashmere jumpers. This collection doesn't disappoint! Featuring “Howdy Cowboy” “To the Disco” and “Woo-hoo” smiles are guaranteed all round!

Who doesn’t love a throw on a statement piece that instantly pulls an outfit together? Creating an outfit that you feel happy and confident in doesn’t have to be a chore, with this collection the styling is made easy! Pair one with your favourite pair of jeans, cosiest jacket a plain white shirt the perfect pairing possibilities are endless.

Be warned they're very limited edition and once they're gone, they're gone!

The Jumpers  are available in all new colour-ways with brand new slogans. Like with our last collaboration the Jumpers are a classic fit cashmere crewneck which if you size up will give a more relaxed “boyfriend” fit. We don’t make many, so when they are gone, they are definitely gone! 

About The Jacksons "word bags"


Model wearing black "To the Disco" cashmere crew neck holding "To the Disco" matching tote bag Jumper 1234 x The Jacksons collaboration


“Playful, stylish, strong & easy to travel with” . Designed with ease in mind the “word-bags” have no awkward fastenings, confusing straps, and hidden pockets to be found. They're an everyday essentials that everyone will find useful.

Each piece is a collaboration between designer and artisan. The entire process from initial design to final product is carefully thought out to ensure the quality of the product as well as the treatments of the workers is at the forefront of the process. Every jute bag is skilful handicraft by female workers in south-west Bangladesh - Thanks to the Jacksons and this collaboration the workers in Bangladesh now have access to free medical care and schools.  

Perfect for gifting

With Christmas just around the corner if you’re stumped for gifting ideas, we’ve got you covered! Gifting a Jumper 1234 cashmere jumper is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face. 

Why the Jumper 1234 x The Jacksons collection is so special


Two models wearing Jumper 1234 x The Jacksons cashmere collaboration jumpers "Howdy Cowboy" and "To the Disco"


The reason this collaboration is so special and important to us is not only because we LOVE The Jacksons, but we LOVE what they stand for! They share our core values of being environmentally conscious, paying our workers fairly and making fashion FUN!

Sustainability isn’t a one size fits all answer it’s a process and from the start its been at the forefront of our businesses and by collaborating with likeminded companies that share that urge to remain sustainable we will only further learn from each other.

Shop the Jumper 1234 x The Jacksons cashmere collection here!

Gwen Tredinnick